Staying Active During Pregnancy


I have just reached the third trimester of my pregnancy and I’m thankful and happy to say that I have been feeling good throughout! It is quite amazing what the human body can do and how your body changes and adjusts to make sure that little baby is safe and healthy.

Staying Active During Pregnancy

According to a pregnancy app I'm using, the baby is about the size of an eggplant, and this week, it is starting to develop more fat and start practising breathing. I love reading this information each week because it reminds me of how complex and detailed our bodies are. It is astounding and beautiful. I have been trying to stay healthy and active during my pregnancy and I wanted to share a few things I have been doing.

As much as I'd like to have continued my running, I had to put it on hold. I tried going for short, slow runs, but I usually had to stop because of pain and cramping. Instead, I’ve switched to walking! I try to go for a walk nearly everyday, whether it be fifteen minutes on my lunch break, or a half hour on the weekend. It's also a great way for me to clear my mind.

I have continued doing some of my strength training workouts, but have decreased the amount of weight I use. I make sure I can breathe comfortably throughout the workout, and I have to take more breaks than usual. This is usually accompanied by some light stretching for the low back and hips.

Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing, is an exercise I've incorporated into my routine. Diaphragmatic breathing helps you properly activate your deep abdominal muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor. This is especially important for pregnant women because as the belly grows, we want to make sure that we can still engage our core muscles properly and not increase intra-abdominal pressure by holding our breath during exercise. This is not just important for pregnant women - It’s important for everyone to know how to properly engage their deep abdominal muscles. This breathing technique can be done by inhaling and allowing your belly and diaphragm to expand. Then, when you exhale, imagine you are blowing out a candle. Your belly button then goes towards your spine and your pelvic floor lifts. This can take a lot of practice.

On days that I feel exhausted, I just rest because that is what my body is telling me I need. Some days are more tiring than others. Lately, I have been having more tired days from lack of sleep and standing on my feet for most of the day. Now that I am getting bigger, sleep has not been the most comfortable - I toss and turn for most of the night. It’s time to pull out the pregnancy pillow and see if it actually helps!

I am so excited for this next chapter in my life! It will bring on new challenges, but will also bring so much love and joy.

If you or anyone you know has any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, please contact Fortius Physiotherapy and Wellness. We have a specialized pregnancy and women’s health team that can help you!


Belinda Hartwick, PTA