Kinesiology is the study of human movement, performance and function. Kinesiologists are regulated health care providers and must pass a provincial exam to practice. They have in depth knowledge of preventing and managing injuries, chronic diseases and disabilities. They provide corrective exercises and strength and conditioning exercises for everyday life and sports.

What Does Kinesiology Involve?

The Kinesiologist uses prescribed exercises to correct body mechanics and increase mobility and strength to injured areas. The kinesiologists work with the physiotherapists to treat injuries to joints and soft tissues as well as pre and post-operative rehab care. Kinesiologist also provides exercises and education for return to work, sports performance and leisure activity. The focus is movement as medicine.

What To Expect From Your Kinesiology Visit

The Kinesiologist will carry out an exercise program that is specific to your functional goals. The exercise program will be emailed to you to carry out at home. The exercises will be adjusted as you progress through your treatment plan. The program will lead to healthier daily living, faster recovery, pain reduction, improved work and sport performance. Your treatment visit may also include application of therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and swelling, soft tissue release and passive stretching to improve ROM and tissue repair.


All patients must first be assessed by the Physiotherapist in order to develop a treatment program.