At Fortius Physiotherapy and Wellness we are a registered WSIB provider. We treat clients seeking physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic services after a workplace injury. Most clients are covered under the provincial Workplace and Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) regulations. However, in order to receive coverage the accident must be reported to your employer and a report must be filed.


When WSIB has approved your work accident claim, the physiotherapy or chiropractic fees will be handled by our office and WSIB.  Please note that a client cannot receive two different services at the same time for the same workplace injury in accordance with WSIB regulations. You do not require a referral from a doctor to receive treatment as physiotherapy and chiropractic care are recognized as primary health care providers in Ontario.


After an injury has occurred, some clients may be able to work from home, work reduced hours/days or perform different duties. Make sure to consult with a health care professional before agreeing to any of these terms.

The WSIB Process

After reporting the workplace injury to your employer you must then complete a Form 6, which is separate from the incident report you filled out from employer. Your employer may have the form or you can obtain a copy from the WSIB website.  Please be aware that clients have 6 months from initial report to claim their benefits. Whether you go to see your doctor or your physiotherapist or chiropractor first, they will also need to complete forms for the WSIB claim. After these forms have been submitted the client will receive a claim number as well as contact information for a WSIB adjudicator who will be looking after their claim. You will receive information from the adjudicator as to whether your claim has been approved.


Through this process we will help you to make sure the necessary paperwork has been filed. Once your claim has been approved we can start the assessment of your injuries and make the required recommendations that are then given to WSIB.


Download Form 6 - Workers Report of Injury/Disease (PDF)


Old WSIB Claims

It also possible for a client to have WSIB review an old claim if you feel you need more treatment. The client will have to contact their adjudicator to inform them that their condition has changed or worsened and are seeking further treatment. In this case you may be asked to see your doctor for a referral.


At Fortius Physiotherapy and Wellness we will utilize a variety of innovative evidence based treatments and protocols to treat your injuries to get you back to work as soon as possible.