Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession that provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing and managing conditions in their scope of practice. Physiotherapy helps to alleviate pain, improve functional abilities and enhance everyday life and sports performance. Physiotherapists are University trained and must pass two provincial board examinations in order to practice. They have in depth knowledge of human movement and injury pathology. They provide fast and effective therapy to get you back to pre- injury status and educate on preventing future injuries.

What Will Your First Visit Involve?

On your first visit you will need to fill out an intake form so we can get to know you. You will then be brought into a treatment room where the physiotherapist will take a thorough health history and have a discussion with you about your injury status and goals. The physiotherapist will perform a physical assessment of your health concern and from there make or confirm a diagnosis. The physiotherapist will develop an individualized treatment plan as well as provide you information on managing your symptoms and preventing them from returning in the future.

What Does Physiotherapy Involve?

Physiotherapy treatment may involve manual therapy, corrective exercises that are individualized to your health condition, and modalities such as acupuncture, ultrasound and muscle stimulation to alleviate pain, increase blood flow and speed up recovery. Every treatment is comprehensive and evidenced based.

Why Choose Fortius Physiotherapy and Wellness for Physio?

 Our Physiotherapists have over 34 years of experience treating a wide variety of health conditions
 We are a new clean facility with innovative equipment
 Our treatments are all research and evidence based. We focus on research supported treatments
 Our Physiotherapists have a variety of specialties and certifications in areas of Pelvic health, pre and post-natal care, TMJ disorders, vestibular conditions, golf assessments, acupuncture and manual techniques

We are committed to individualized care. We work with you to reach your functional goals and provide the best experience possible.