The purpose of an ergonomic assessment:

 Reduce risk of workplace injuries
 Reduce lost work hours
 Improve employee efficiency
 Maintenance of good posture
 Recommendations to improve workspace

An ergonomic office assessment is beneficial to prevent work related injuries usually due to awkward postures, forceful movements, repetitive motions and external factors such as noise which can affect health and work output.

Individuals can suffer from ergonomic conditions such as back problems, shoulder and neck tension and pain, wrist and elbow strains, headaches and eye problems.

The ergonomic assessment can be done in your home office or workplace. It involves an interview to discuss what tasks your work requires, any health concerns, observations of you completing tasks, taking workspace and anthropometric measurements and providing you with a report with recommendations to improve your work station.

The ergonomic office assessment usually takes an hour. A report is then written which includes observations, problems identified and modifications made, further recommendations for improvement and a stretching routine to do during the work day.


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