A concussion is an injury to the brain that can happen with or without a blow to head (eg. car accident where head is quickly thrown forward and then back). They often present with whiplash symptoms. Most concussions resolve in 1-2 weeks, although some people can experience persistent symptoms after this amount time. Common symptoms of a concussion are headaches, neck pain, dizziness, feeling in a "fog", sleep disturbances and difficulties concentrating on tasks. Physiotherapy can be very successful at improving concussion symptoms and getting individuals back to their everday activities.

What To Expect On Your First Concussion Rehabilitation Visit

On your first visit we require you to fill out a health history form so we can get to know you better. From there you will be taken into a treatment room to discuss your mechanism of injury and symptoms. The physiotherapist will perform an assessment that may include testing of the head, eyes and neck, balance and/or vestibular system. The assessment results will guide the physiotherapist on designing a treatment program designed specifically for you.

Treatment for concussion can involve a range of techniques. A combination of education and graded exercises, along with manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, occulomotor retraining and modalities such as acupuncture as required.

Benefits of Concussion Rehabilitation

 Reduced neck pain
 Reduced headaches and dizziness
 Improved balance
 Improvement of vision symptoms
 Improved physiological function through graded cardio exercise
 Improved sleep
 Improved concentration and focus on tasks
 Improved daily function

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, we recommend arranging to have someone bring you to your assessment as your symptoms may become aggravated with the testing.