TMJ Pain
Pain or tenderness of the jaw, especially at the joint by your ear. TMJ pain can also be felt in the face, eye, forehead, ear or neck.

A sharp, throbbing or dull ache felt anywhere in the head.

Chronic Pain
Bodily pain that persists for months or even years. The body continues to send pain signals to the brain even after injury healing has occurred.

Post-Surgical Rehab
An individualized rehabilitation program carried out after surgery. This program focuses on bringing the individual back to their maximum function, utilizing exercise prescription, manual techniques and modalities.

Post Fracture Rehab
Rehab that focuses on returning an individual to normal function after an injury that has caused one or more broken bones. Rehab will involve exercise prescription, manual techniques and modalities to aid in recovery.

Repetitive Strain Injuries
Damage to soft tissue due to repetitive motions. It can be caused by sports, work tasks and leisure activities. Symptoms may include burning, aching or shooting pain, tremors and numbness, fatigue or decrease in strength, difficulty carrying out normal activities.

Inflammation of one or more tendons usually due to overuse or tissue injury. The symptoms are pain at the site of inflammation and loss of motion.

Inflammation of a small, fluid filled sac called a bursae. The bursae provides a cushion for bones, tendons and muscles near joints. The cause is usually overuse or excessive pressure on a joint or injury.

Sports Injuries
Are injuries that occur while participating in sports. They can be due to over training or overuse, lack of conditioning, improper form or technique, trauma, falls or colliding with another participant. Some examples of sports injuries we treat are: strains, sprains, tears, broken bones and concussions.

Back Pain
Pain or discomfort that can be felt as a dull constant ache to a sudden, sharp, shooting pain anywhere in the back. Back pain can be the result of disease or injury to the soft tissue, bones or nerves of the back. Causes can be arthritis, overuse or repetitive motion, sudden twisting movements or improper lifting and carrying of heavy objects.

Neck Pain
Soreness and/or stiffness of the neck that can be caused by many factors including but not limited to poor posture, awkward sleeping position, stress, accidents, and sprains or strains of the soft tissue. It is best to seek treatment if symptoms have been occurring more than a week.

Pelvic Floor Related Conditions
Includes urinary incontinence, pain anywhere in the pelvic region, organ prolapse, pain during sexual intercourse and other issues.

Pre and Post Natal Care
Care focused on alleviating discomforts throughout and after pregnancy. These can range from neck pain and headaches, low back pain, arm pain or tingling, bladder leakage and post pregnancy body recovery.

Inflammation of one or more joints. There are many types of arthritis.  Most common is osteoarthritis which is related to wear and tear of cartilage.  There is also rheumatoid arthritis which is a long-term autoimmune disorder. Symptoms of arthritis can include joint pain and stiffness, swelling and a decrease in range of motion at the joint.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)
Injuries that occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident. We treat a wide variety of orthopedic injuries such as soft tissue injuries, bone fractures or concussions. We provide exceptional care regardless as whether it is an MVA claim, extended health coverage or out of pocket payer.

Injuries to the brain usually the result of a blow to the head or violent shaking of the head or neck that can result in headaches, blurry vision, difficulties concentrating, memory loss and problems with balance and coordination.

Core Stability Training
Exercise prescription specifically designed to engage, stabilize and strengthen core muscles we rely on for everyday tasks, leisure activities or sport. Having a strong body foundation is imperative to prevent injuries, rehabilitate injuries and carry out our daily activities with ease.

WSIB Claims
Injuries that occurred at work, such as soft tissue, bone fractures or concussions. We work with you to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Motor Development Delays in Children
When children aren’t meeting age specific developmental milestones such as holding their head up, rolling, crawling, walking and grasping objects.

Vestibular Conditions
These conditions are related to the inner ear and brain that control balance and eye movements. They can be the result of disease, aging or injury.  Symptoms can include vertigo or dizziness, imbalance and spatial disorientation, vision and hearing issues and cognitive and psychological changes.

Paediatric Orthopedic Issues
Are any congenital, developmental or acquired musculoskeletal conditions.

Injury Prevention
Education and exercise prescription to help prevent injuries from occurring in the future. We provide guidance on proper postures and lifting techniques, fall prevention exercises and exercises to increase bodily awareness and proper muscle engagement patterns to help with sport performance and everyday life.

Functional Conditioning
Exercise prescription that incorporates balance, flexibility, stability, strength, agility and coordination to help increase sports and everyday performance.